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Workshops with
Kathy Ellem

Deep swirl of joy.jpg

Palette knife flowers
2 Day workshop
23-24th September
More information coming soon

Advanced landscapes online

Greta Green.jpg

Kicking off this advanced series with digital image editing to create a more complex composition.

The benefit of using Corel paintshop pro as opossed to a sketchbook is the ability to adjust compositions immediately, tweaking colour and enhancing the centre of interest.

We will cover:

-Cropping elements from other images to incorporate into the main reference.

- Using the erase tool to meld the images together.

-Basic and advanced colour tweaking tools.

This class is very intensive, and fortunately you will get the recording, because this is one that will be well worth watching more than once.

Sunday 10th October
Advanced Landscapes-
Using technology to create an interesting composition

About Kathy

In the spirit of learning

I've been painting for the last 15 years, and teaching for 11 of those. I've found it incredibly rewarding and great fun to meet new people and share my experience. Having no formal arts training my approach is fresh and unique. I believe that you learn more when you're having fun, so you'll find lots of joking and anecdotal stories with a moral.

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