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Wish you could get comments like:

No one paints quite like you….

Your work speaks for itself…

I recognise your work the second I see it….

Your paintings are so alive.....

Would you like to watch your favourite (blush) artist at work in her studio with the best view in the house? Be able to ask questions and receive immediate feedback?

The benefits to attending an online-class rather than watching a pre-recorded video is:

 - Close and personal view of the painting, palette and reference image. Often showing how the brush touches the canvas and a view over my shoulder, which would be way too close in person.

 - The interaction, you can ask questions in the chat box and receive answers similar to actually being there in person, all from the comfort of your home. 

 - At the beginning and end of each class we have a general chat, where, I sometimes advise simple changes to work that students have produced, or discuss the lesson and areas that might cause issues.

-Plus you get to meet other enthusiasts, many of my students have formed online friendships in the process.

But don't worry if you can't attend, there will be a recording that you will have access to watch or downlaod for 4 weeks after the class. I will send out a link with a password to the recording which you will be able to either watch or download and watch at a later time.

The structured workshop series are set out in blocks of 4, classes on Sunday mornings 10am AEST (Melbourne time) (some of the classes in the series miss a Sunday so check the dates). Below you will find a description of each of the series.

If you'd like to see the principles applied to works destined for exhibition or competition join me for the fun Friday sessions where everyone settles in with a wine and we joke around while I push paint around. The dates will be decided during the year, so head to my facebook page and follow to receive updates.

Series 1: Loosen up and have fun with colour


Sunday 7th February - Loosen up and have fun with colour - Understanding the importance of dark to light.

Guaranteed to be a fun, energy filled session where I will convince you that colour doesn't matter, it is interpreting the dark to light that is most important. In painting a cute little puppy with loose but accurately placed brush strokes we will access that more reactive side of our personalities. This is where you will start to explore the creation of your art from the heart and develop your own 'style'.

About Kathy

In the spirit of learning

I've been painting for the last 13 years, and teaching for 10 of those. I've found it incredibly rewarding and great fun to meet new people and share my experience. Having no formal arts training my approach is fresh and unique. I believe that you learn more when you're having fun, so you'll find lots of joking and anecdotal stories with a moral.

The online classroom has become my favourite place to teach because you'll get multiple camera angles, of the palette and the painting, along with an image of the reference, even a shot of my crazy mug at work. I am also able to delve in to more areas of my arts practice and explain more than I get the chance to in a normal class setting.

Join me in the different structured series for some intensive learning, or on a friday evening for something in the studio, where you get to see all the theory in practice. I keep no secrets, but I do need to break it down into digestible pieces, and my recommendation is for you to allocate some time to practice what is taught so that you can work it into your own creative process. 

Series 2: Advanced: Painting a horse.


21st March:Editing, enhancing, cropping and gridding.

If you can barely do a stick figure, or like me, lack confidence in your drawing skills, this class is for you. It is initially complex but these are the tools that will elevate you to the next level in achieving realistic representational art. 

-You will learn how to simplify your subject to give the illusion of detail and accuracy whilst reducing the headache.

-Discover compositional tips and tricks.

-Learn how to use Corel paintshop pro. (This is my preferred program, but there are many other apps and programs that will do the same).

-Common mistakes people make when drawing their subject and begin to see shapes of light and dark rather than a specific subject.

-Tools and equipment for drawing.


You can watch the completion of the drawing 

Series 3:The basics of landscapes.


18th July - The basics of landscapes-

The principles of creating depth

One of the most important elements of landscape painting as opposed to most other subject types is the perception of depth. Giving the feeling of atmosphere is incredibly elusive.

In this session I will introduce you to

-my colour palette and general equipment, both studio and plein air


-a disciplined approach to creating depth


In this series we will begin to explore how to make magic out of the mundane by sticking to value and playing with colour.

Series 4:Advanced landscapes

Greta Green.jpg

Kicking off this advanced series with digital image editing to create a more complex composition.

The benefit of using Corel paintshop pro as opossed to a sketchbook is the ability to adjust compositions immediately, tweaking colour and enhancing the centre of interest.

We will cover:

-Cropping elements from other images to incorporate into the main reference.

- Using the erase tool to meld the images together.

-Basic and advanced colour tweaking tools.

This class is very intensive, and fortunately you will get the recording, because this is one that will be well worth watching more than once.

Sunday 15th August

Advanced Landscapes-

Using technology to create an interesting composition


You can see Kathy's work in person by appointment at her Beechworth art gallery at 45 Ford Street, Beechworth, Victoria, Australia.

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