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Following on from the Blog on focus, I’ve come to realize that we look at the world through filters, which affects how we interpret what we actually focus on. For example, a series of minor and major things go wrong in your life, and/or around you, creating fear and uncertainty. So many of those things you’ve had no influence over and they have really unsettled you. This then creates a filter, say, a blue light filter, where everything else now looks tainted and blue/depressing, it doesn’t matter what happens next, its all going to be bad, which then starts to effect your behavior. ‘Well if things are going bad what’s the point in trying.’

Now take that same set of circumstances, and think to yourself, look at some of the positive things that have resulted, or positives that I’ve achieved even though these disasters have occurred. If I can create some kind of success even when things seem to be going wrong, how good is it going to be when the wheel turns and I’m on top. So now the filter is a peachy colour, making the possibilities shine even when things are uncertain.

I have recently become aware that my filters were leaning towards the blues, which were inhibiting me from seeing potential, possibility or hope. This was before the big C word (whisper corona). I was convinced that I was tired of trying, not wanting to do any more experiments, because what for, so much effort and time goes into experiments that fail. Gosh, even in writing this I feel like getting that little violin out and playing a tune for my pitty party.

Instead, I previously decided that I wanted to shift my focus towards skill development and sharing, spreading joy, which is essential in all societies in all times. Now to change the filters so that I behave like a person who actually believes that they can make a difference, that I have something valuable to add to this existence.

So in changing how I see the world around me, not through rose coloured glasses that deceive me into thinking that I’m infallible. Or through the blue filter that questions the energy consumed by every new move. I realize that if I want to learn, I need to continue to push, and make mistakes. Mistakes are good, what I want to explore is exciting, sharing with other people is incredibly rewarding and it has taken the not so pleasant things to make me see that I want to keep fighting until I’ve exhausted every avenue. That’s a healthy peachy filter, it is one that will create positive behaiours which support progress, rather than negatives which inhibit effort.

Just a short and sweet blog, because at the moment my energy is focused towards creating little tutorial videos. I realize that they might not be great, but I aim to walk people through the simple things, tips, tools and ideas on setting up your studio. I’ll also be sharing little demonstrations of landscapes and other smaller ideas that tickle my imagination. These will all lead into some more intensive videos that will be available for purchase and viewing through my website once i refine the process and am happy with the quality, all of these ideas are in their infancy but I realize that if I want to help others, at the moment the only way is through the net. If you have any suggestions please let me know. In the meantime check out the first couple of videos on my you tube channel.



Greta Valley demo

Studio tour and intro to materials

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