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Spring Splashy Acrylics Workshop

Spring Splashy Acrylics, 20-22 November 2020


Cost: $390 for the three days, which includes the use of equipment and materials (2 canvases, paint etc), morning and afternoon tea. Time: 9.30am-4pm


Plan for the 3 days:

General discussion on maintenance of equipment. 

Step by step demonstration of techniques for layering colours.

This workshop is great for the beginner, but all skill levels are likely to learn something. I will demonstrate a variety of techniques to achieve a loose, happy, apparently unplanned background on which you will place a brightly coloured subject. You will be learning about opaque and transparent colours and how to layer them for amazingly vibrant effects. This is a high energy workshop with lots of fun.


Materials and equipment provided and covered in cost:

Easel and 20” by 30” canvases. 

Acrylic paint: My favourite colours are Diox purple, any of the quinacridones, arylamide yellow, red gold, olive green, pthalo blue, napthol crimson, cad red light, and many more. 

Also: Varnish, modelling compound, gel medium, and house paint dulux sample pots of red, yellow, blue and white.

Bits and pieces: Rags, buckets, tiling scraper tool, roller sponges, roller handle, large palette knife, flexible plastic scraper, lace or doilies, plastic disposable plates, small towel, droppers.

Brushes will be available to use, but if you have your own you may prefer to bring them.


What you will need to bring:

Your own subjects: ie; pictures of parrots, other birds, chooks, etc. Your laptop, or ipad, and charger. I like to work from a laptop as it keeps the image colours more accurate than a print out, but you may prefer to print your images. I will also have a selection of images available to use. Subject recommendation: I prefer to paint birds as they are bright and colourful and work well with this style of painting.

Brushes, if you have preferred brushes.

Bring your own lunch, or money to grab something from our local eateries. Also bring a happy disposition: be prepared for lots of fun!


Outline of day:

Welcoming cuppa and set up at 9.30am on Saturday morning, we will stop for 1 hour at 12.30pm for lunch (there are many little cafés, and of course the bakery, available for lunch), afternoon tea at 3pm.


For further details and booking please contact Kathy on 0427 962 127

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