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Acrylic Painting: Understanding light, shadow and reflected light.

Workshop Date: 8 September 2019

Venue: AGRA at Senior Fine Art Art Supplies, 1357 Malvern Rd, Malvern, Victoria 

Workshop Outline:

This is a one day acrylic workshop.


Welcoming cuppa and set up at 9.30am; we will stop for 1 hour at around 12.30pm for lunch. Finishing at 3.30 pm. 


The focus will be on painting light and shadow. Bring along some images you would like to paint, remembering that keeping it simple (a subject with a simple shape, like chooks) makes creating a successful painting much easier. Choose images with a great light source with contrasting shadows. 


Bring your own brushes — a selection of rounds, flats or filbert, whatever your comfortable with. Kathy likes filberts ranging from #2 - #6, and flats in the same range. She uses a rigger or liner brush sometimes for finer detail. ​


Bring a phone or tablet as Kathy works from a computer screen or tablet, which is better than printouts as the colours are much more vibrant and you can use apps on your tablet or a program on the computer to enhance the colours.


Be prepared for lots of fun!



Easel, palette, container, cloths for cleaning, palette knife.


A good base set of paint colours. 


For sale: Paints, brushes and extra canvases will be available for purchase.


Cost:  Non-members $110, Members $90

To book, please contact AGRA:

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