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Cobb and Co after a long run

Capturing the Spirit of Cobb & Co on Canvas, August 2019 in Surat Queensland.

Workshop 1: 18th-22nd August, fully booked.

Workshop 2: 26th- 30th August.

I will be teaching in oils but if you'd like to do acrylic please let me know.


If you'd like to learn how Kathy captures the light and vibrancy of an image and you can barely draw a stick figure this workshop is for you.


To celebrate the Cobb & Co Festival, I will be hosting an intensive five day painting workshop around the theme of ‘horse-drawn heritage’, suitable for participants of all skill-levels.

In this workshop I will teach participants how I work through painting horses — from capturing photographic images, to selecting focal points and manipulating light through the use of photo-editing, to transferring the image accurately onto canvas, and undertaking the painting process — all to capture the movement, colour and light of my subjects, as well as their personalities and interactions.

If you are interested in creating representational art and would like to rapidly transform your skills and increase your confidence, this workshop is for you. Participants will learn techniques which will help them draw with much greater accuracy, as well as learn how to manipulate colour and light to depict any subject with vibrant energy. The five days will give you the opportunity to reinforce what you have learned using your own images (any subject) or chose from some of Kathy's.

This workshop has a maximum of 12 people.

Workshop Outline:

Optional first day [17 August]: We will ‘meet and greet’ at midday in Surat, and then head over to Yuleba to the Cobb & Co Festival to soak up the atmosphere and capture some photographic images which inspire us. 

Day 1 [18 August or 26 August]: We will begin at 9.30am and finish at around 4pm for each day of painting. For our first day in the studio, we will be choosing a simple subject to paint. We will take the photographic image, learn how to ‘grid it up’, and transfer it onto the canvas to create an accurate drawing. As with each studio day, lunch will be BYO at around 12.30pm, and morning and afternoon tea will be provided.

Day 2: We will paint our simple subject to create a small work of art.

Day 3: Today we will choose a more challenging subject to paint onto a larger canvas. Beginning with a photograph, participants will be guided through some more technical aspects of photo editing, to play with light and create different moods. As before, we will then grid the image and start drawing.

Day 4-5: Over the next two days we will paint our subject. On these days there will also be a more in-depth discussion regarding the use of colour, including how to select different colours and ‘load the brush’ to achieve certain colour effects. At the end of the Day 5 we will take some time to reflect on the workshop with an informal chat; and consider having dinner as a group.

 Supplied: All paints are supplied, along with the use of an easel. Brushes are not supplied, but will be available for purchase. ( I will bring some of my older brushes, no guarantees on how they will drive if you'd like to just try things out before buying equipment). A budget of $80 for canvases, you can pick and choose what size you would like for your masterpiece.

Morning and afternoon tea.

What participants need to bring: Ideally participants will need to bring a laptop computer or some other device, and have access to the ‘Corel Paintshop Pro’ program, or alternatively ‘Photoshop’ (I can advise on the use of Corel, but people who use Photoshop will have to be familiar with that program). Participants who do not have access to these are advised that they will need to discuss their workshop preparation with me prior to the workshop. Using a laptop or similar will make the gridding process vastly easier than printing out.

Participants should also bring a camera, to capture images on the first day of the workshop. A digital camera (best of all, a DSLR) is ideal, or a good quality phone camera will be suitable — as long as you are able to transfer the images to your laptop.


Bring along some images you would like to paint, remembering that keeping it simple makes creating something successful much easier, particularly for the first painting.


Lunch (we will have access to fridges), or you can zip down to the cafés and get something delicious.


For sale: Paints, brushes and extra canvases will be available for purchase.

Keep the dates!

Workshop 1 dates are 17-22 August.  [Up-date: as of 26th May, this workshop is almost full! If you need to get in, be quick.]

Exhibition opening Friday 23rd

Workshop 2 dates are 26-30 August.

The cost: $500, with a $200 direct deposit 

Please contact me, Kathy Ellem, for further details: 0427 962 127 or 

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